Recruitment week – ASTRO

On Sunday, December 18, the recruitment event of the ASTRO project was held as part of BEAM’s RECRUITMENT WEEK. 🚀

At the event, the public had the opportunity to learn about the professional prospects of the field of radio astronomy from the professor in charge of the project, with experience in the largest radio telescopes on Earth, Mr. Pantelis Papadopoulos.

In the second part of the presentation, the project manager-scientist and one of the mentors of the project Giorgos Kyriakou, PhD candidate at the University of Florence, made a reference to BEAM and the projects it has implemented so far and then presented the ASTRO project, goal of which is the construction of a radio telescope in collaboration with the Astrophysics, Astronomy and Engineering sector of the AUTH Physics department, gaining public interest.

Finally, they analyzed the motivation behind the creation of the project, the scientific requirements, the technical difficulties of its construction and its contribution to astronomical research. ✨

If you would also like to contribute to the construction of the radio telescope, you can express your interest in the participation form below and become a member of our team!🌟

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