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BEAM, in collaboration with the Astrophysics, Astronomy & Engineering Department of the AUTH Physics Department – AUTH Observatory, undertakes the implementation of a new project related to the development and design of a radio telescope!📡

If you have knowledge and believe that you have the necessary skills, do not hesitate to fill out the following application and become a member!

• Electrical engineering

📍 Feed selection for the frequencies we are interested in

  📍 Receiver selection for the frequencies that interest us

📍  Digital recording and processing of astronomical signal

  📍Development of communication code of the control center with the receiver.

• Mechanical engineering

📍  Design and construction of a support frame for the parabolic tray

📍 Design and construction of the parabolic surface of the Radio Telescope

📍 Selection and construction of a support mechanism for the Radio Telescope

📍 Selection and programming of turning mechanism and tracking system

What do you have to gain? We got you!

Strengthening your CV

Contact and guidance from Engineers and Radio Astronomers with experience on some of the largest radio telescopes on the planet.

Developing your technical skills

Developing your soft skills

Opening new professional horizons in technical support jobs in research telescopes in Europe and beyond!

Do not hesitate to contact us for anything!

You will find our contact information below:

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